Raising Standards, Raising Food!

Malden Specialty Soy, LLC is a soybean crushing facility focused on meeting the demand for non-GMO feed.  We are completely owned and operated by non-GMO producers.  Our goal is to take locally grown non-GMO soybeans and convert them into the best feed ingredient available.  We understand that we are not raising bushels of soybeans, but instead we are raising a protein and energy source for livestock.  We strive to help provide the highest quality of food we possibly can.

Non-GMO is a growing trend in food that is creating new opportunities in agriculture and we want to bring those opportunities to local ag.  If you’re a row crop farmer we can assist in weed management, seed selection, and finding markets for your grains.  If you are a livestock farmer we can provide access to nutritionists specializing in our soy meal, ingredient sourcing, and knowledge of the market.  This is how we are raising standards, raising food.